New Chest


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Firstly, I would like to apologise for not having posted in a while. My final examinations are creeping up on me, and with only 7 weeks to go I am spending most of my time working, eating and sleeping – together with an odd glass of wine to keep me sane!

Anyway, I thought I would share my first ‘antique’ purchase of sorts. I bought it in a huge antique warehouse about an hour from where I live…procrastination can be very expensive it turns out! The initial thought was to cover the inside with old maps (considering I study geography) or musical notes. Having realised the inside of the chest is in its original condition I think I may leave it be – no up cycling for me! After a little bit of negotiation (mainly from my mum- i was too nervous) we managed to get it for £70! A bargain i think!

Just a few photos to give you an idea….

photo 1

photo 2

The only issue is…the chest doesn’t actually fit in my room. It is currently sat in my kitchen at home whilst I am at university! Hopefully my mum will give it back to me when I return!!




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I apologise for my lack of posts over the past week. I have been submerged in reading about finance. Now that my essay is complete, however, I can temporarily have my life back! 

So, this weekend i have been in London visiting my boyfriend. I thought i would share a few things we have been up to! 

My first attempt at making a curry… it didn’t get off to the best of starts. 

1) We forgot to buy rice

2) I didn’t read the instructions ‘put the onions, ginger and garlic into a blender’. Minor issue of my boyfriend not having blender…

However, we pressed on and here is the finished result… 



Admittedly it did taste pretty good… well far better than my initial expectations! 

So nice we had it for lunch (and maybe dinner) the next day.

We also decided to check out the National Gallery…I felt like being a tourist so took this snap.


After admiring the works of Monet, we decided to stop off for a coffee.

Having decided (on a whim) that we were attempting to visit all of the coffee shops on the following tube map…


Having already visited ‘Bea’s’ (which do fantastic cakes and brownies) we thought we had better press on- and decided to visit ‘notes’

The coffee was amazing as was the atmosphere…


Following the coffee we walked home along the embankment which was lovely, if not rather windy. 

Overall a lovely, lovely weekend. 



Ebay Frenzy


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So today I woke up with an itching to spend all my morning on ebay….

Which i obviously have done!

Along with 2 pink cashmere jumpers and a lovely scarf, I have also found 2 chairs I would like to buy;

A white ‘shabby chic’ dining room chair and an antique edwardian nursing chair, in need of serious reupholstering!

It would be my first attempt at recovering a chair and I would love to do it in this ‘pastorale’ fabric – my grandmother gave it to me a few years ago due to my constant pestering! It looks something like this!


I will keep you up to date about the purchases… now it is onto reading financial journals about the 2008 financial crash. Fun.


The Great Interior Design Challenge


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The Great Interior Design Challenge

I really got into watching ‘The Great Interior Design Challenge’ on BBC2 every evening for the past few weeks thanks to a recommendation from my mum.

I was incredibly addictive and all about interior designs… the differing architecture across the episodes and historical information about each individual housing period was something I found very interesting!

I think the final is still up there… definitely worth a watch!

First Attempt at ‘Upcycling’ EVER


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So…. more procrastination led to me go charity shopping, which then, completely irrationally led me to buy an uplight for £9.99

I found a lovely flowery print on a wrapping paper in a local craft shop along with a paintbrush and PVA glue – i was about to attempt to ‘Papier Mâché’ – something which I have not done since I was 7 in primary school….

Admittedly I do not think It looks too bad since it cost me £14 in total!

Here are the results;







Let me know your thoughts!